Color Time

One of the activities I like to use for stress relief is coloring.  Like many adults, I have jumped on the "adult coloring" bandwagon.  I enjoy coloring, but it is an activity that does take a lot of time and focus for me to partake in it. I'm still very much in the mindset that … Continue reading Color Time


Date Night …. with my Son

I decided to spend some time with my son, Fred, tonight while the girls are still with their Dad.  For a change he wasn't secluded to his room and playing a video game. For some reason, Fred has recently started trying to teach me about the video game he's been playing.  I think it started … Continue reading Date Night …. with my Son

Game Review – Dr. Eureka

I haven't posted anything in a while, but I haven't been sitting around eating bon-bons either.  It's been a busy summer.  (As summer winds down and the girls go back to school, I'll write more about our other summer adventures.)  One of our many activities has been the local library's summer reading program. The girls … Continue reading Game Review – Dr. Eureka


I have been fighting a fairly serious bout of depression, which has zapped much of my energy and motivation.  The depression was complicated by rather intense flareup of the fibromyalgia.  It's been a rough couple of weeks. While I have been highly unmotivated to do much of anything, I have picked back up on binge … Continue reading Netflix

Pocket Letters I've started a new hobby/activity/time-killer/stress reliever.  It's something I'd pinned on Pinterest long ago, but just now have a person to participate in it with. A good friend of mine moved away several months ago.  She has finally settled into her new home.  Her girls are the ages of my girls, and they wanted to … Continue reading Pocket Letters

Lice and Mice

I have been up to my eyeballs in the past few months dealing with critters.  Sometimes I just want to SCREAM!  It is so frustrating, and it feels like such an isolating battle.  There is a constant feeling of not being clean. The girls are both in elementary school.  I'm not sure which girl brought … Continue reading Lice and Mice

Seek: Rewards Through Adventure

I recently started using AppAdvice Daily (iPhone).  It lists a handful of apps that are free that day.  They try to find apps that are a mixture of educational, entertaining, informative, and productive.  It's a nice variety, and I've found several that I like and have started using. One of the "new" apps I've discovered … Continue reading Seek: Rewards Through Adventure

Spring Break

  The chaos of trying to plan for Spring Break is driving me CRAZY!!!  The timing of the break for the kids does not overlap, so we have to decide who is going.  I don't yet have my work schedule, so I need to make sure to request time off.  I don't want a big … Continue reading Spring Break

The End of the Cookies!

Girl Scout cookie season is OVER!!!!  (Can you tell I'm excited?) The girls had their last cookie booth and sold out of all of our stock!  We told them if they could sell out on 3/4, then we would cancel our last booth and have a party instead.  They did it!  The moms were even … Continue reading The End of the Cookies!

Bonding with the Kids

Pink is the word! Saturday, I got to spend some bonding time with Lil Bit.  The morning started much earlier than my typical Saturdays.  Instead of sleeping in, I had to set an alarm to be up and moving about as early as a typical school day. We started the day by making muffins and … Continue reading Bonding with the Kids