Inertia vs Momentum

Flashback to high school physics and Newton's laws of motion.  OK.  Deep breath.  Stop the flashback!  My simple definition of inertia is that something not moving stays not moving until something else causes that something to move.  I was originally thinking of the other part of the definition which says that something in motion continues … Continue reading Inertia vs Momentum


Adventures in Group

Recently, my therapist (mental health counselor) and I decided it was time for a change.  Partly due to my therapist leaving the clinic and partly due to my progress, I have "graduated" to group therapy. I have been in intensive individual therapy for about 2 years.  Talk therapy started for me with the diagnosis of … Continue reading Adventures in Group

So Many Thoughts

This is me today.  I have so many thoughts in my head.  I made a list of topics to write about, but I'm having difficulty focusing on any of them.  My hope is I'll be able to make a rough draft of a few of the topics and schedule them to post later.  For now, … Continue reading So Many Thoughts


I'm in the mood for another journal prompt.  Today's prompt is: The importance of dreaming... Wow!  I like this.  Is dreaming important?  What kind of dreaming are we talking about - dreaming while sleeping, goals / plans for the future, hopes for what might be, daydreams....? Dreaming while sleeping is part of the sleep cycle.  … Continue reading Dreaming

You Can Count on Me

I have an app on my phone that I haven't used in several months, but every night I get a reminder to use it.  It's a writing app called "Prompts".  Every time the app is opened, it presents a start of a sentence for the writer to finish.  The possibilities are endless.... complete the sentence, … Continue reading You Can Count on Me

Book and Movie Review: 13 Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher and Netflix original series   I waited a long time to join the people commenting about this book and Netflix series.   A few weeks ago I found the book while searching for a new audio book to listen to during my commute.  I had missed the fact that the … Continue reading Book and Movie Review: 13 Reasons Why

Book Review: Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen I'm so glad I found this book!  I read a digital copy through my local library.  As I was browsing through the various options of books to read, the cover caught my attention.  After reading the synopsis, the book sounded interesting.  I'll admit it was not interesting enough to … Continue reading Book Review: Water for Elephants

Growing Up or Starting Over?

So.... it's been a long time since I've sat down to document my thoughts.  Life has been rolling along, and I preferred to hang on for the ride rather than be dragged behind.  I'll touch on some of the highlights for the sake of posterity. I spent much of the summer creating memories with my … Continue reading Growing Up or Starting Over?

Color Time

One of the activities I like to use for stress relief is coloring.  Like many adults, I have jumped on the "adult coloring" bandwagon.  I enjoy coloring, but it is an activity that does take a lot of time and focus for me to partake in it. I'm still very much in the mindset that … Continue reading Color Time

Date Night …. with my Son

I decided to spend some time with my son, Fred, tonight while the girls are still with their Dad.  For a change he wasn't secluded to his room and playing a video game. For some reason, Fred has recently started trying to teach me about the video game he's been playing.  I think it started … Continue reading Date Night …. with my Son