I started blogging back in 2015.  It was something I had wanted to do for quite some time, but couldn’t figure out what to write about.  I started writing a relationship blog to discuss issues and events happening in my life.  The hope was that it would help others with similar relationships with seeing both the good and bad parts.  Eventually I started a second blog.  I had taken a more active role in my home life to cook various meals that were somewhat healthy and nutritious.  It became part of my therapy for both my emotional and physical well-being.  Several months later I started a third blog, which I have a very difficult time writing in.  It was to be an inspiration to a friend of mine to find a positive adjective in life for the given day.  It was a good concept, but I really struggle to define myself in a positive perspective.  I need to challenge myself to get back to finding those affirmations.

So, after all those blogs, why start another?  The other blogs all have specific purposes.  I needed something that was all inclusive, not specific to a relationship, cooking, or confidence.  I need somewhere to write for daily challenges, adventures of going back to school, things about the kids, how I don’t let chronic illness stop me, or anything else that comes to mind.

Here I am: a divorced mother of 3, struggling with fibromyalgia and conversion disorder, going back to school (again), and trying to figure out what I’m going to be when I finally grow up.  Life has thrown me many curves, yet I’ve stayed on the road.  I’m sure there are more curves ahead and lots of bumps, but I can make it through.  I’m a strong, courageous woman… at least I’m trying to be.