Spring Break


The chaos of trying to plan for Spring Break is driving me CRAZY!!!  The timing of the break for the kids does not overlap, so we have to decide who is going.  I don’t yet have my work schedule, so I need to make sure to request time off.  I don’t want a big trip, just a couple of days away… is it too much to ask?!?

I’ve had several ideas of places to go and things to do that would work for everyone.  When you’re planning for a 41, 20, 10 and 5 year old, it’s a challenge to find fun, interesting, appropriate, and inexpensive activities.  Most of the places I wanted to go don’t fully open until the weekend after when I’m planning for.  Seriously?!?

Idea #247 is the winner, maybe.  I either need to rearrange doctor appointments or adjust our travel days.  I think we’re going to go to Toledo to visit a friend in the area.  There are a couple of places I would like to visit – Imagination Station and Toledo Zoo.  The cost of memberships at each is actually the best bet for us.

Of course this is all dependent upon receiving my tax refund in sufficient time.  If I don’t get the refund, this research is all pointless.  Plans will revert back to Dollar Tree activities to keep everyone busy and entertained during the time off.  I was scheduled to work most of the first week, so I really need a VERY light second week of break.  I want the time with my kids to do activities and make memories.  I get to practice my advocating skills to get the needed time off.

I’m also coming off a very stressful time that has created a major flare up.  My muscles are tight, and I need to do some relaxation work.  I’m hoping getting away will help with some of the anxiety and stress without creating too much additional stress.

~ Maybe, when I grow up.


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