The End of the Cookies!


Girl Scout cookie season is OVER!!!!  (Can you tell I’m excited?)

The girls had their last cookie booth and sold out of all of our stock!  We told them if they could sell out on 3/4, then we would cancel our last booth and have a party instead.  They did it!  The moms were even offering to buy the last of the supply to avoid another booth.  It was funny and exciting!

We had a celebration on 3/12.  One of the dads fixed dutch oven cherry cobbler and dutch oven pizza for us.  YUM!!!!  We made plans of how to continue on with scouting and how to spend our hard-earned cookie money.  We looked at several options, but money goes fast with 7 girls and 4 adults.  The current plan is some camping weekends and working on some badges.

We’re hoping to save some money and let them learn the value of saving for something bigger.  The adults hope some of the money will go towards our Fall activity registration as well.

All that’s left now is to make the bank deposit and submit the final reports.  Guess what’s on my to-do list for today…. LOL!  I’m just glad it’s the end.  I’m OCD enough that I kept a lot of detailed records about sales.  I think I credited everyone with the right amounts (?).  No one complained.  I’m glad I was able to keep track of everything.

I hope everyone was able to give a bit of encouragement or support to any Girl Scouts they saw during cookie season.  It really is a lot of hard work for the girls and the parents.  It’s also the best fundraiser for the girls that also teaches them several skills.  We worked on manners, using appropriate voice/tone, product promotion, money skills, and goal setting.  The older girls are more independent, but the younger girls still have a lot to learn.

Thanks to everyone who helped support Girl Scouts and cookie season!

~ Maybe, when I grow up…


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