Bonding with the Kids

Pink is the word!


Saturday, I got to spend some bonding time with Lil Bit.  The morning started much earlier than my typical Saturdays.  Instead of sleeping in, I had to set an alarm to be up and moving about as early as a typical school day.

We started the day by making muffins and cooking sausage links for breakfast.  Lil Bit helped stir the batter.  We cheated and used a mix that only required the addition of milk.  She loves to help me cook, and I’m usually glad to have her in the kitchen with me.  While everything was cooking, we both quickly dressed and prepped to leave.

We had a 45 minute drive to the nearest Beef and Boards Dinner Theater.  It was a special presentation for Girl Scouts of Pinkalicious The Musical.  It was WONDERFUL!  I felt like such a kid watching and laughing with the performance.  It was definitely well worth the expense.

Lil Bit and I discovered the Pinkalicious books about 6 months ago when I was prepping for a Girl Scout meeting.  The story had fit well with the Daisy petal we were earning.  We need to go back to the library and get more of the books from the series.  Such a great story and lesson!

It was nice having the bonding time together.  We both dressed in pink sweaters.  We laughed and talked and had a good time together.  I missed getting time like this with my other kids.  These are special memories for me.   I’m not always supportive of buying things/ activities/ events with my kids, but there are special events that create unique and special memories.  Beef and Boards definitely a good choice!

Born to Shop!

Peanut and I had some individual time when we went shopping for a birthday gift for one of her friends.  I was a bit concerned when we first left.  Peanut had taken a nap in the early afternoon, very atypical for her.  When we left, her mood was less than pleasant.  I wasn’t sure we were going to make it.

We went to Meijer, and then she perked up.  We set a budget of how much she could spend on the gift.  Of course we looked at half the store in the process.  We looked at office and art supplies, crafts, toys, and storage possibilities.  Peanut has acquired quite the collection of art supplies and needs a way to organize.  We looked at a variety of options.  We also found some items I need for a new project I’m starting.  We had to make a semi-quick run to the office store to get the last item I needed.  K was a great help and an enthusiastic shopper.  She is my shopping buddy, but not good at helping maintain the budget.  LOL!

I didn’t have time to get dinner ready for her, so she decided a sandwich would be sufficient.  Thankfully she was also going to have pizza at the birthday party/ sleepover.  I’m glad she was able to go to the sleepover and hope she has a wonderful time.

Cleaning vs Landfill

My son is home from college.  Unfortunately, I had not made much progress in my office/ his bedroom.  We worked hard today to dump out all the stuff from the room.  It is not cluttering my living room and making my house look like a landfill.  He started making the room his own, minus my little corners.

Tomorrow I hope we make more, significant progress in cleaning up the living room.  He has some of his stuff still in there.  I need to find homes for all the stuff I had put off sorting through.  Nothing like being forced into being a responsible adult…

I am thankful for the “opportunity” to get more cleaning and organizing done.  It has been bothering me that I haven’t used available time to make more progress.  Fred coming home has helped that.  It also allowed us to find Despereaux’s (mouse that we named due to book – Tale of Despereaux that Fred and I, and now Peanut have read) food source.  There were several items Despereaux has gotten into that are now gone.  (Maybe I’ll catch Despereaux yet!)

The war with my house will continue.  I want the clutter cleared out of the main living areas.  I’ve lost my hiding spot, and I don’t want to clutter my bedroom up anymore (the next room to attack).  Motivation to continue adulting…

~ Maybe, when I grow up…


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