At work the other night, a Deaf couple came through the drive through.  I was able to communicate with them, after we figured out how to adjust the lighting to see each other.

I work at a pharmacy as a tech.  A couple had come through the drive through to pick up a Rx.  Due to insurance changes, we couldn’t take their insurance anymore.  The tech that was helping them initially had no idea how to communicate with them about the changes.  After I figured out what was going on, I was able to explain to them and help them get switched to a pharmacy they could use.  It was nice being able to do something no one else could do in a job where I’m still “the new kid” and so confused by all the new processes.

Then next day at a Girl Scout cookie booth, we had a Deaf customer.  Again, I was able to help him.  Peanut looked at me very confused.  It’s been a long time since she’s seen me actively using my signing.  It was nice to show her a piece of what I can do.

These little adventures help reassure me that I’m on the right path again.  Maybe I was supposed to go into interpreting long ago….?

Hope your weekend has been peaceful and enjoyable!

~Maybe, when I grow up




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