Happy Birthday….Me!


Yes, it’s true.  I have turned another year older.  It’s not such a big deal to me.  I’m ok with getting older; it happens to everyone.  I’ve admitted I was old for about 10 years, so another year is just fine.

It’s funny the people you hear from on your birthday.  I have a Facebook page, but I don’t use it.  I do get email notices when someone posts on my wall or sends me a message.  It’s interesting to see all the people that come out to say “Happy Birthday”.  Most of these are people that I never hear from, except for this one day per year.  It is nice to be thought of and remembered though.  I appreciate everyone who does take the time to write even the briefest of messages.

My best friend is taking me out for frozen yogurt after work tonight.  It is a special place that we go to.  It made me so happy when he asked if I would be off work early enough for us to go tonight.  He wants to make today special for me.  I offered for us to go tomorrow, when I would be in his city.  He prefers to make the trip to see me and make my birthday special.  I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend!

I’m going to cash in some of my various freebies today.  I’m going to enjoy a decadent Starbucks before work.  I’m debating about breakfast out.  I really don’t have time for that though.  I need to look through my emails to see what other treats I can get today.  Sadly, I do have to work, which limits how much I can do.

Time to get moving!  Have a wonderful day and a very happy birthday, whenever your special day is!!!

~Maybe, when I grow up….


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