Girl Scout Cookies



It’s officially that time of year…. time for the attack of the Girl Scouts and their cookies.  There are 2 Girl Scouts in my home; I’m doomed!

Actually, cookie time isn’t so bad.  I understand it is a fundraiser to help sustain an organization designed to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.  The girls participated in their 1st cookie booth of the season today.  It’s Peanut’s 5th year of booths and Lil Bit’s 1st booth.  The girls did ok.  The other girls from the troop helped balance out the sibling rivalry that was going on.

For some reason, Peanut has NO tolerance for Lil Bit.  Everything seemed to irritate Peanut.  Trying to keep the girls separated can be a chore.  It’s easier now in this house with the girls having separate bedrooms, but anytime they have to be in the same room causes a bit of conflict and arguments.  Sometimes they get along great, and other times it’s a struggle to keep the peace.

Yesterday we drove to see Fred at the university.  We were supposed to go for a Girl Scout event, but I waited too long to try to register the girls.  I just didn’t have the extra money soon enough.  So we drove up to have dinner with Fred.  He treated us to dinner at the dining hall.  My mom went with us.  It was good to see my boy for a little bit.  I took him some Girl Scout cookies and a couple of new pillows.  (I refused to mail pillows to him due to the size of the box!  I made him wait for my next trip up.)

On the way home, I was fighting to stay awake.  My meds had run out, and when that happens I usually fall asleep not long after.  It is a huge negative to taking Abilify for me.  Abilify does help me function a little better by clearing some of the “fibro fog” and giving me a little more energy and motivation to get tasks done.  So, the Abilify had worn off.  I didn’t realize the speed limit changed when it did.  I knew it decreased rapidly as I got closer to the coming town.  I was pulled over for going 51 in a 35 mph zone.  Thankfully, the officer was very kind.  He explained the lower speed zone of where it starts and stops.  He let us go with just a verbal warning.  The officer could have given me a ticket for going WAY to fast, but he was very understanding.  I’m very grateful!!! The remainder of the drive (I was about to the half-way point when I was pulled over) I drove at or below the speed limit.  I just wanted to get home though because I was afraid of dozing off.  I was starting to fear falling asleep while driving.  My mom doesn’t drive anymore, and the girls aren’t old enough.  I had to do it.

Time to go count the money from the cookie sale.  I don’t particularly like being the cookie mom, but I can do it.  If you see Girl Scouts out selling cookies, be kind and either buy a box (or more) or at least give a polite “no, thank you”.  The girls work hard at speaking to strangers, learning to count money, and staying focused on their goal.

I hope you’ve had a great weekend!  Until next time….

~Maybe, when I grow up


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