What a Week!

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Last week was a crazy, busy week!  More so than I had anticipated.

I’ve recently started a new job, so I’m getting back into the swing of working.  Since I only worked 5 months last year, this is taking a lot of getting used to.  I’m working at a pharmacy, so I’m on my feet a lot, which is also taking some adjusting.  I’ve not yet asked for accommodations at work because I’m trying to see what I can handle.  I feel another fibro flare starting, which isn’t helping.  I’ve noticed that I’ll be in the middle of a task at work and suddenly forget what I’m doing.  I’m trying not to second guess myself so much and just focus on the task at hand.  When I let the fibro fog creep in, it really throws me off.

The exhaustion from work is keeping me from getting anything else done.  I’m not cooking, cleaning or writing.  I’m barely caring for the kids.  I’m hoping I can adapt and that I don’t have to cut my hours back.  Although if this keeps up, I will have to cut back my hours so I have enough energy for school work.  Sometimes there’s just not enough spoons in a day.

I met with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) this week.  I’ve been approved for assistance.  They are going to help me become an ASL interpreter.  Unfortunately, my case worker is less than brilliant.  I need to do a lot of her work for her to justify my goal, the steps to get there and how to maintain it.  More work for me….  Hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

My ex decided our 10 year old is not old enough or mature enough to be a latch-key kid anymore.  I’ve been fighting with him most of the week about how she is supervised (my mom lives 2 doors away) and that she is very capable of watching herself for 30 minutes.  She’s even mature enough to walk her sister to Grandma’s if their dad is not there to meet the bus.  I’m getting better at handling myself and not caving into his negative remarks.  I’m setting a boundary and maintaining it.  I’ve decided I don’t have to be his verbal punching bag anymore, and I can end the call when needed.

I have gotten some rest this weekend and started getting caught up on housework a bit.  There’s a ways to go, but I’m not going to overdue it.  I have started back on low doses of my meds to try to get some of the pain and mood swings under control.  It seems to be helping.  Next step is to increase the dose again and slowly work back to therapeutic levels.  The goal for today was to be able to write on this blog, work on some Girl Scout material, and try to get through some homework.  I’ve got a check mark for all of it.  🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!

Until next time…

~Maybe, when I grow up


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